Our vision: In 2031 Axminster will be a quality town with:-

  • A welcoming, vibrant, safe, people-friendly town centre

  • A strong local economy, with thriving businesses and a variety of jobs

  • Excellent infrastructure and facilities serving the needs of the local community

  • A wide range of housing, including affordable homes for local people

  • A beautiful, unspoilt countryside setting beside the River Axe.

Objectives for Axminster


The Neighbourhood Plan has five core objectives.  They provide the framework for the detailed policies for local planning in the main body of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The core objectives relate to:


  • High Quality Town Centre

  • Economic Development

  • Community Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Housing

  • Environment


Objective 1: High Quality Town Centre


  • To ensure free-flowing traffic with no congestion

  • To provide green spaces within the curtilage of the town

  • To encourage vibrant businesses and shops with local and national brands

  • To deliver good public transport links

  • To increase visitor accommodation

  • To support exciting retail and residential opportunities on “brown-field” town-centre sites


Objective 2: Economic Development


  • To encourage business start-ups

  • To attract/promote diverse employment opportunities

  • To create an ethos for companies to relocate to Axminster

  • To support existing businesses

  • To protect existing employment land

  • To enable training and development of skills


Objective 3:  Community Infrastructure and Facilities


  • To deliver a north/south relief road to enable a free-flow of traffic in and around Axminster

  • To provide health and social services for all residents

  • To offer a range of schools and colleges

  • To enhance leisure and recreational activities

  • To provide safe pedestrian and cycle routes

Objective 4:  Housing

  • To deliver a mix of housing to suit a wide market

  • To provide affordable homes for local people

  • To deliver homes with attractive and tasteful designs to suit a traditional market town

  • To incorporate local materials, in keeping with the neighbouring environment


Objective 5:  Environment

  • To protect and enhance the attractive and distinctive environment

  • To safeguard and manage outstanding natural features

  • To respect the floodplain and its catchments

  • To promote green corridors

Vision and Objectives


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