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TERMS OF REFERENCE – revised edition 27th October 2014


1. Name

The name of the organisation shall be Axminster Community Enterprise (ACE). The decision-making body to which these terms of reference apply shall be known as the ACE Steering Group.


2. Purpose

2.1   To represent the interests of people in the Axminster area, particularly in relation to furthering the Community Plan, ‘Vision of Axminster 2030’ (ACE, 2008).


2.2   To assist Axminster Town Council with the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011.


3. Aims & Objectives

3.1   To promote the sustainable social, environmental and economic regeneration of Axminster, leading to a confident and thriving community with improved facilities and quality of life.

3.2   To foster engagement of the community with the aims outlined in 3.1, particularly by ensuring that residents and organisations in the Axminster area are, as far as practicable, fully informed and consulted on relevant matters.

3.3   To seek to ensure that the interests of people in the Axminster Area are properly reflected in the Local Plan, and in the policies and programmes of all relevant local authorities and statutory agencies.

4. Composition and proceedings of the ACE Steering Group

4.1   The ACE Steering Group will consist of a maximum number of 12 voting, voluntary members, made up as specified in 4.2 , 4.3, 4.4 and 4.6 below:


4.2  One place will be reserved for the elected Devon County Councillor for the Axminster electoral division

4.3   A minimum one place will be reserved for East Devon District Councillors elected for Axminster Town Ward or Axminster Rural Ward

4.4   A minimum two places will be reserved for Axminster Town Councillors

4.5   The places specified at 4.3 and 4.4 will be filled at the Annual Meeting of Axminster Town Council. If vacancies in these categories arise between Annual Meetings of the Town Council they may be filled by co-option at any meeting of the ACE Steering Group.

4.6   Up to eight places will be filled by co-option at the first ACE Steering Group meeting following the Annual Meeting of Axminster Town Council.

4.7   Vacancies arising in category 4.6 may be filled at any meeting of the ACE Steering Group.

4.8   In addition there will be advisory non-voting members, invited to join by the ACE Steering Group, who can contribute special expertise. These will include officers from the district council and the county council.


4.9   Members of ACE Steering Group and those working on theme / focus groups are subject to the same code of conduct as governs councillors


4.10 Town Council insurance will cover the agreed activities of the Steering Group and volunteers, but Steering Group members, in liaison with the Town Clerk, need to ensure that terms of the insurance are not breached.

4.11  ACE Steering Group meetings will be open, except where discussions are related to personnel or confidential issues. All present will have the opportunity to speak even if they cannot vote.

4.12   Each year, once the co-options referred to at 4.6 have been made, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the ACE Steering Group will be elected from within the ACE Steering Group, and a secretary appointed.

4.13   The Chairman will have a casting vote, other than during the election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Meetings will require a quorum of at least four voting members present.


4.14   The ACE Steering Group shall form sub-committees or working groups as required for specific purposes, but the ACE Steering Group will retain responsibility for decision taking unless it explicitly delegates authority on a particular matter.

4.15   Members will be expected to attend as regularly as possible, and to proffer in

advance apologies for absence at all times. In the event of regular failure to attend, the ACE Steering Group has the power to dismiss a member unless there is good reason for absence. It also has the power to dismiss a member if they show themselves unsuitable for any reason.

4.16   The ACE Steering Group will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) within one

month after the Annual Meeting of Axminster Town Council. The ACE Steering Group will meet at least three further times a year, and will ensure that minutes are kept of its proceedings.


5. Financial Control

5.1   All financial transactions relating to the Neighbourhood Plan form part of Axminster Town Council’s income and expenditure and are subject to audit and are handled using a dedicated bank account.


5.2   The ACE Steering Group must review these financial regulations at least once a year.

5.3   Any funds raised in the name of the organisation must be applied only to furthering the ACE objects.

5.4  Where funds are received after the date these terms of reference are approved, detailed financial budgets must be prepared, and arrangements for monitoring the expenditure must be made, in forms and at intervals compatible with the requirements of the relevant funding bodies. In any event, at the AGM an account of the reconciliation of balances, income and expenditure will be presented.

5.5  No payment may be made to a member of the ACE Steering Group except to reimburse necessary expenses, supported by appropriate receipts/vouchers, incurred in the work of the ACE Steering Group.

5.6  Individual items or groups of related items of expenditure must be authorised by the ACE Steering Group and recorded in the Minutes. Where the expenditure arises from policy decisions already taken by the ACE Steering Group and recorded in the minutes, there does not need to be a separate decision by the ACE Steering Group on the actual expenditure as long as there are funds available to cover it. In these cases, it will be sufficient for the Chairman and Vice-Chairman to approve it.

6. Amendment of Terms of Reference and Dissolution

6.1   The ACE Steering Group has the power to amend these terms of reference by a two-thirds majority vote of those attending the relevant meeting.

6.2   The ACE Steering Group shall be dissolved if two thirds of its voting members agree that the organisation shall be dissolved, or no meeting of the ACE Steering Group takes place within twelve months of the last meeting. On confirmation of the motion to dissolve, the ACE Steering Group shall have the power to realize any assets held by or on behalf of the ACE Steering Group. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be returned to the funders or, with their permission, given or transferred to an organisation or organisations with similar aims and objectives.

Members of Axminster Community Enterprise

Andrew Moulding

EDDC, Axminster Town Council, Axminster Heritage Ltd


Thelma Collier



Douglas Hull

EDDC, Axminster Town Council


Ian Hall

DCC, EDDC, Cloakham Lawn Sports Centre


Graham Godbeer

Axminster Town Council,

Axe Valley Community College


Jeremy Walden

Axminster Town Council


Tim Leat

Ax Arts


Alan Styles



Andrew Thomas



Keith Barnard

Environment, TIC